MECA Grants & Scholarships

Grants and scholarships are “gift aid” as they are financial aid that does not have to be repaid. Grants are often need-based, while scholarships are usually merit-based.

MECA Grant

A College sponsored grant program from which funding is provided based upon a student’s financial need, academic standing, and strength of portfolio.

Professional Development and Entrepreneurship Grant

The Artists at Work Professional Development and Entrepreneurship Grant grant helps BFA, MFA, and MAT students advance their studio and professional skills by accessing opportunities and experiences beyond the MECA classroom. Potential uses include but are not limited to: conferences, travel, exhibition costs, professional association fees, self-promotion, technology, documentation, workshops and costs associated with entrepreneurial efforts. Funds cannot be used on equipment or for academic credit towards the completion of your undergraduate degree. Requests are capped at $500.

2017 BFA Full Tuition Scholarship

Application for Honors Placement and Full Tuition Scholarship Competition

NoteThe deadline for the 2017 Full Tuition Scholarship Competition was March 1, 2017. We will contact the Full Tuition winner in late March.

Please check back in the Fall for the 2018 scholarship application.

Eligibility: High School applicants

Each year, the Dean of Maine College of Art reviews submissions of the following application to identify the top tier of first year students intending to enroll at MECA. (This submission is in addition to completion of a First Year Freshman application for the BFA program). From this group of applicants, 15 students are offered placement in MECA’s Honors FY-In course, taught by the Chair of Foundations.

This advanced course is modeled after MECA’s Second Year Lab courses in that these students will take skills they have demonstrated through their application portfolio and apply them to a new idea that they will follow from inception to completion. For many students this is the first opportunity they have to spend an entire semester focused on one idea, and this can lead to new levels of consideration and completion in their work. In addition to placement in the Honors FY-In course, these students will be given the opportunity to participate in advanced critique sessions with members of our faculty throughout the year.

Along with consideration for placement in the Honors program, this application also qualifies high school students to be considered for the Full Tuition Scholarship that MECA awards to one applicant each year. Eligible applicants must be enrolled in high school at the time of their completed application and enroll in the college as a first time first year student in the fall term. To qualify, students must complete the application process for undergraduate admissions by March 1, submit their portfolio for review in a digital format, and complete the application below (including the 500 word supplemental essay).

Winners of the Full Tuition Scholarship demonstrate academic rigor in their high school academic career, exhibit technical skill and personal voice in their application portfolio, and a strong commitment to community. The selection of our Full Tuition Scholar is made by a committee comprised of the Dean of the College, the Associate Dean of the College, the Director of Admissions, and the Executive Vice President of the College.

Ready to apply for the Honors program and Full Tuition Scholarship? Please make sure your application to the BFA program is complete by calling 800.699.1509 or emailing Once your First Year Freshman BFA application is complete, please fill out the form below. You will be asked to submit 500 words speaking to the following topic: Please talk about your background and interests as an artist and how you envision you can contribute to the MECA community.


Maine School Scholarship

Graduates of any Maine high school who qualify for admission to MECA will receive a guaranteed minimum scholarship of $12,000 each year for four years or until they complete the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, provided they maintain good academic standing. This scholarship is open to any graduate of a Maine high school, regardless of when they graduated or if they are transferring from another institution.

National Scholastic Art Awards

Up to two half-tuition scholarships are awarded each year through the National Scholastic Art Awards. These scholarships are renewed annually for up to four years provided they maintain good academic standing.

Merit Competition Scholarships

The Merit Competition is held in the Spring for the following academic year and is open to current MECA students who will be juniors and seniors in the next year. Students must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 to enter the competition. Information regarding the competition is mailed to all eligible students at the start of the Spring semester. There are three categories of awarding. Details about the awards are available in the College’s catalogue.

Select Scholars: Each year a small group of students are identified as Select Scholars based on academic and artistic criteria. Being identified in this way qualifies you for a scholarship between $10,000 and $16,000 per year. Select Scholar application requirements include the online application,, high school transcript and portfolio. Your admissions counselor will be in touch to let you know if we need anything else to complete your application. If you have any additional questions, please contact the MECA Admissions Office at or 800.699.1509.

Endowed/Restricted Scholarships

All Endowed/Restricted Scholarships derived from Maine College of Art funding are awarded on the basis of merit upon the recommendation of the faculty. These scholarships are reserved for students returning to Maine College of Art for a second year or more. First-time students at the College are not eligible to be considered for these funds. A complete list of these scholarships with descriptions of the eligibility requirements is available in the College’s catalogue.

Veterans Benefits

The Veterans Administration (VA), Reserves, and Armed Forces offer a variety of educational benefits primarily in grant form. Proper affiliation with the respective organization is required. Maine College of Art is a participating institution for military personnel, veterans, and their eligible dependents.

To learn more about different programs for veteran education benefits please review the following resources:

More information is available here.

Private Grants & Scholarships

The Financial Aid Office strongly suggests that students research and apply for any private funding sources for which they may be eligible. There are a number of organizations which will provide scholarship search services free or for a nominal fee. Check with your state department of education, your high school guidance office, or the public library in your area. You may also find scholarship information using the Internet; such as We recommend using extreme caution when using search services that require a fee or when releasing personal information via the Internet.